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About Children Passenger Accident Claims 

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all passengers when driving a car. It is also the driver’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the children when in the car. If drivers fail to ensure the safety of the child, the parent or guardian may be able to claim compensation. The child must be provided with the correct child restraint in accord with their height and age. The law states that children must be put in the child seat until they are ages 12 or 135cm tall, meaning they must always use the correct seat restraint according to their height and weight.

If you were involved in an accident during which another car driver was responsible, that was not your fault, and the child was hurt, you may be eligible to claim for your child as a litigation friend.

Replacing a car seat after a car accident

Sometimes it is essential to replace the car seat after a car accident to ensure it is effective and safe if exposed to any damage. If the car was involved in a high impact car accident, the seat should be replaced even with so sign of damage, as the damage may not always be visible. It is also essential to check seatbelts and attachments to see signs of damages.

The driver should regularly check the seats integrity even if accidents did not occur.

Types of accidents that children can experience as passengers

There is a range of accidents that children may experience as passengers in road traffic accidents. They can be more or less severe, having more or fewer consequences, either way, if you experienced damage from a road traffic accident, we highly advise that you contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side Scotland.

The most common children passenger accidents include:

  • Head Trauma
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Concussion
    • Whiplash
    • Skull Fractures
  • Broken Bones
    • Broken arm
    • Broken wrist
    • Foot Fractures

We understand as a parent or a guardian it is an extremely traumatising and stressful experience if your child to have been hurt after a road traffic accident. We will try to ensure that your case is resolved in the best possible way, and we will provide you with the correct advice to help you get the highest compensation possible.

  • Cuts and Lacerations
    • These can be mild or severe and can be very frequent after road traffic accidents.
  • Psychological Damage
    • Car and motor crashes can be traumatising for adults and even so for children, they can even experience PTSD and may need psychotherapy afterwards.

How to make a personal injury claim for a child 

As a child’s parent or legal guardian, you have the right to claim on your child’s behalf and you will act as a child’s litigation friend. If you do not claim on your child’s behalf, they must wait until they are legally an adult to claim.

The time limit for a child injury claim

The parent or guardian can claim at any time from the accident occurring until the child is legally an adult. If the parent does not claim until they are legally an adult, the child has three years from their 16th birthday to make a claim. To find out more, call Solicitors On Your Side Scotland for a free consultation.

How to make a compensation claim 

If you and your child have experienced damage or loss after your car accident, we highly advise that you contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side Scotland.

The amount of compensation you may get depends on the extent of damages that you have experienced. The more damage you experience, the more likely you are to get higher compensation. However, all cases are different, and to get a clearer idea of how much you may get contact our solicitors now for a free consultation. The amount of compensation you may get also depends on how much evidence you may be able to provide after your accident.

Evidence to include:

  • Photographs of the accidents and your injuries
  • Videos of the accidents and your injuries
  • Witness reports from anyone who could have seen the accident
  • Medical Reports

Our experienced solicitors will help you access any necessary medical records to help you get the highest possible compensation for your case.

How we can help you

Our solicitors can vouch that we have extensive experience in road traffic accidents. We can help you gather the necessary evidence to build a strong case to guarantee the highest compensation. We will ensure that your process is as stress-free and easy as possible, enabling you to come out with the best outcome for your case.

We know the process thoroughly and can offer free consultations to see how much compensation you may get for your case.

Contact us now. Solicitors on Your Side Scotland can offer you free advice and consultations. Our solicitors can help you on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means there will be no hidden fees, and everything can be done over the phone from anywhere in the UK.

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