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New drivers in Scotland face more strict rules compared to more experienced drivers. If you have passed your test less than 2 years ago, you are facing more stringent regulations to ensure that your driving standards remain safe after passing your test. If you face getting disqualified as a new driver, we highly advise that you contact one of our motoring experts, to reduce or avoid your charges. 

The New Drivers Act (1995) 

Drivers who passed their test less than two years ago face more tough rules compared to new drivers. New drivers can only accumulate up to 6 points on their licence before getting their licence revoked. Getting your licence revoked is not the same as a disqualification, which means that if a new driver accumulates 6 points, they go back to their learner driver status.

Drivers who gather 6 points on their licence get their licence automatically revoked, and they have to reapply for a provisional licence and pass all their tests before driving again. The penalty points are not terminated after you reapply for your licence, and most will remain valid for three years; this is why it is necessary not to get more points on your licence as it will be revoked again. 

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Getting your licence back

To get your licence back after it has been revoked, you must reapply for your provisional licence, pass your theory test and pass your driving test again. We understand that having to do this process once is hard enough, and some say that passing your driving tests is one of the hardest things that can be done; this is why it is essential that if your licence is revoked to contact our solicitors.

Appealing your licence being revoked is a tough process, and needs solid grounds as to why your licence shouldn’t be withdrawn, but in some matters, it is doable. If you would like to save your licence, contact our solicitors, we provide all of our clients with free initial consultations, to grant you the best possible advice for your case.

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Here at solicitors On Your Side Scotland, we understand that facing a brain injury can be truly catastrophic to the person and their loved ones. We comprehend that the process of claiming can be particularly traumatic and challenging for anyone; this is why we are here to help all of our clients, no matter how complicated their situations may be. 

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